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The focus of my work with clients seeks to explore our unique responses to three fundamental questions: (a) What direction do I want or need to shift my life towards? (b) What actions can I start taking to make this a reality? (c) What has or is blocking me from achieving this?

These three questions connect directly with the major components of our daily life: our relationship with our inner-self, relationships with the ones we love, career/vocational choices and desired daily lifestyle. The process of connecting with the parts of ourselves and our environments that influence our feelings, desires and ambitions can be elusive, fascinating, and at times overwhelming to face.

I find it very effective to explore the stories we tell ourselves about who we are in various facets of our life. These narratives hold several clues to discovering the adjustments that we want to make as well as the barriers we may be putting up. Deep down, we have the knowledge and wisdom to know what we truly need, but our daily environment can make it easy for us to slip into patterns of distractibility, disengagement, and disconnection. My role is to help support your therapeutic exploration rather than lead it.

By incorporating elements of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative Techniques, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a healthy dose of humour, I try to work match each client with a mixture of tools and skills adapted to their unique needs


I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP-Q) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). The focus of my formal training (MACP) involved the integration of best practices from cognitive, mindful, and trauma-informed practices in the field of counselling psychology. To compliment my psychotherapeutic training, I have trained in yoga practices (RYT-200 in progress) that emphasize the role various systems of the body play in cultivating mental health & wellness. 

Being a client of skilled psychotherapists was a major factor in overcoming my own mental health challenges in the past. I am eternally grateful for the practitioners that supported my journey to transform my anxieties, regrets, and overall ability to shape my life in a more authentic direction. Now that I work as a mental health practitioner, I seek to share the same knowledge and wisdom to help others create a more connected, present, and engaging life.

Prior to becoming a Registered Psychotherapist, I worked in both the private and post-secondary institutional sectors. My previous career involved roles in Business & Market Research Consulting. I was trained to examine the patterns and relationships that impact business landscapes with the purpose of creating better products and improve the connections that brands have with their client-base. The skills, knowledge and experiences cultivated from this past life have helped shape my unique perspective on therapeutic work with clients. I also work as a part-time faculty member in a post-graduate program focused on teaching qualitative interview techniques.

I live in Toronto with my wife and look forward to starting a family of my own. At this there is a relatively simple recipe to find enjoyment and balance in my days: finding moments to be active in my body, eating delicious food, learning something new (I love reading), engaging in my work (while paying attention to work-life balance), and making time for the people I share my life with. From time-to-time I like to find ways to bring some adventure into my days, whether it be travelling to a new destination, finding a new place to hike, and even exploring a new video game. When the weather is nice you are more than likely to find me down by the beach.